We had to have a burn on burn night.

We had just finished dinner on Saturday evening. It suddenly dawned (dusked?) on all of us that it was technically burn night and we best burn a Man!

Stop me if you’ve heard this but it rained and the really real burn was delayed.

We fashioned a Man out of the driest stuff we had…paper dinner plates…and attached him to a stake. It wasn’t much but that’s not the point. The paper Man was stuck into the burn barrel and surrounded by damp burnables. It was not a promising start. Fire was slow to catch.


A hero walked up behind me and said “here, use this,” handing me a hand held poofer. I couldn’t see the smile on my own face but I felt it. Everyone took a half a step back and I pointed the poofer in the direction of the helpless paper plate Man. The immolation was swift and satisfying. A small burn on burn night…and we danced. Fortunately a random passer-by recorded a small but important portion of the ceremony. Here it is for your enjoyment:

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