• Placed!

    Here we go again! As we leave the BRCHOA behind us (paying exorbitant fees to extricate us from the HOA) we find ourselves in strange lands. Hopefully you’ll find us there too. Center Camp Plaza @ 6:45 What will this new landscape look like? Down the rabbit hole we go.

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  • We did it.

    One last meeting before we over-pack and under-deliver. It’s time to gather all the things and stuff them into our dusty bins as we make way for the Black Rock Desert. Every year it seems so far away and then it’s here. IT’S HERE. See you soon you bunch of weirdos. #burningman #brc2023

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  • The Golden Spike is in!

    It’s the news that makes it real every year. Black Rock City is happening. Now…about last year’s laundry. https://journal.burningman.org/2023/07/black-rock-city/building-brc/the-point-where-it-all-begins/ #burningman #brc2023 Image from the Burning Man Project

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