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  • Reserve truck (Chris)
  • get insurance cert to Avon (Caleb)
  • determine return departure days (All) - See Travel
  • car shuffle/org
  • Sacramento Hotel Reservation (Juliette)

Playa To-Do

General Camp/Signage

  • create whore chart (Diana)
    • including descriptions of chores
    • create chore instruction sheets (Vaughn)
  • Dr Carl signage [if any]
  • assemble/revamp Tiki Bar (Jeff)
  • New camp lanterns (Vaughn?)


  • Board
    • cut down boards
    • Prime
    • Re-paint
    • paint art
  • Tiles
    • Prime
    • Re-paint
    • Stamp/icon


  • Decide on prizes {buttons and carabiners)
  • order carabiners (Chris/Brigid)
  • order button makings (Sunny?)
  • decide on button art
  • print button art
  • make buttons


  • n/a


  • pick up futon in NoHo
  • get/buy firewood

Quonset Hut

  • confirm we have right # of stakes
  • get more bike tubes (Chris P will be bringing a couple dozen)
  • Buy/acquire tarpage to cap the end of the hut
  • Caleb, if you're not going - write down steps for hut assembly. Bonus points if it looks like Ikea instructions.

Grey Water / Aquatic Sciences

  • Build solar pump grey-b-gone.

Again, if anyone wants to marvel at the plans, they're online at Instructables

  • Clean up last year's mess
  • Redo blades
  • Apply new tule and twine
  • Enjoy

On-playa transportation

  • bassbike (Chris P, Alex)
  1. 95% sure that Roy will be hauling bassbike in his truck....

Dr. Carl's - Dia de los Carlos

  • Determine date for mixer Wednesday CONFIRMED!
  • make pre-playa invite
  • MENU:
    • TBD

Details on CampLife

Food & Drink

  • create menu
    • how many vegetarians?
  • buy new grill (Jeff?)
  • create shopping list based on menu<s> (Alex)
    • <s>Google Docs shopping checklist<s> (Alex)
  • SHOP

Menu on CampLife page


  • bringing non-potable blue barrel, half full. to be used for shower and dish water
  • assuming 1.5 gallons/person/day, we will need to bring ??? gallons of drinking water to the playa


  • <s>Noobs - camp roster 2011 is set. No more Noobs.
  • Storage tidy (don't need to haul everything out!)

2010 Todo moved to Todo2010