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Physical Description:

Interactivity Description:


Safety, Fire and otherwise

Clean Up

Dr. Carl's camp uses a cleverly designed chore chart to make sure everyone pulls their weight and keeps camp tidy and moop free. There are daily checks for moop and any loose trash is sealed in bags and thrown in the truck. In the event wind picks up or a high wind warning comes around the whole camp works to make sure our camp doesn't end up in someone else's.

Final cleanup will entail the breaking down of camp and dividing our area into a grid on both Sunday after initial tear down and Monday just before we split. This grid will make it easy for all campers involved to scour for any moop. A couple of camp members are always pre-assigned a day for a scan of our camp and surrounding area to make sure nothing is out of place. Our burn barrel will sit upon cynder blocks to prevent playa scarring. All grey water will be evaporated from our 10'x 15' evaporation pools with our redesigned and much improved grey-b-gone.

In an effort to leave the playa as we found it we will take the following steps to ensure minimal impact:

  • Clean up day will be Monday
  • All wooden tiles on the big board will be screwed to the board securely to prevent achievement of wind motivated flight
  • Many heavy duty garbage bags, and cans, to haul trash out in our truck
  • Altoid tins carried by all dirty smokers for cigarette butts
  • Rebar for staking everything down
  • Sledge, vice grips, crow bar and work gloves for removing rebar
  • All food will be stripped of packaging before arrival
  • Excess wood will be burned
  • All ashes from the burn barrel will be sealed in big rubbermaid containers for clean hauling


Ree is our Hippie-in-chief and she will scowl in your general direction should you moop.

Our presence is firmly LNT.


  • 2017 Layout can be found in the BRC HOA plans

The Past

  • 2016 Layout can be found in the BRC HOA plans
  • 2015 Layout can be found in the BRC HOA plans
  • 2015 Theme camp plan has moved to ThemeCamp2015
  • 2014 Layout was included in the BRC HOA plans
  • 2013 Theme camp plan has moved to ThemeCamp2013
  • 2012 Theme camp plan was modified to become 2013. The modifications were slight so I just edited in place. See the history if you need to reference old stuff.