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Meeting 1

Remember when we had meetings?
Sunday, July 21, 2019

Who's here?
Yeti, Mary, Little Sean, Ree, Perry, Bear, Millie, "Dante"

What are we talking about? Arrival Plans

  • Bear/Millie - Friday Noonish
  • Whit and Susie - Sunday
  • Team LA - Friday sometime (Sean, fly in Tuesday or Wednesday)
  • Ree and Lindsay - Saturday


  • Post on Village Slack and TCO group
  • Orrr chop it up and bring it home


  • Perry has really big tarps (2)
  • Ree going to order the rest of the pieces. Can be picked up in LA...we hope.
  • $300-ish including tarps (not including conduit) (20'x20')
  • Do it

Saturday, Feb 11, 2017

Who's going?

Updated WhoGoes

What are we doing?

  • Giant dick art project - 36' tall. 3 levels. Climbable. Burn it.
  • Game show - Scheduled game shows. 2-3 per day.
  • Art gallery - various art pieces/experiences
  • Mini-Burning Man
  • Tiny Art Cars - RC Racetrack or Pinewood Derby (or both?) Build your own art car racer?

2019 Meetings moved to Meetings2019