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Dr. Carl's Department of Collections

This is the wiki you heard about. Yes it's real. If you're not all that into planning our camp for us then you probably won't want to spend too much time here. What? You do want to help? Get an account. Click the link up there, top right.

A Little History

Here's a summary of our existence: Dr. Carl's Through the Ages

News and Relevant Info

  • Dr. Carl is now a card carrying member of the BRC HOA. We are now expected to behave as members of a proper community. It's Dante's turn to mow the lawn.
  • Theme announced! Wtf is a Caravansary?
  • Car passes! Traffic in and out of the city sucks, we know this. Every vehicle needs a pass this year. Blah blah blah it's bullshit blah blah blah I'm not going blah blah blah yes you are.
  • I'm leaving this here for reference...and so we might use it again. Or at all...PlayaEvents

Email lists

Curious about daily banter with a smattering of actual information?

You can not only signup with the above links but you can manage your own status. Too many emails? Get the digest! Sick of us? Unsubscribe! You have the power!

Other pages

Friends of the Doctor

  • White Dragon Noodle Bar WDNB

Dr. Carl's Dept. of Collections - Other Sites

The Dr. Carlendar

Wiki Updates/Help

Creating pages is easy. Just type a page in the search box. If it exists (or something like it) you'll get results. If not, you'll be asked to make the page. There's a little cheatsheet I made available in the main navigation box. Wiki has a simple formatting system. Just keep the cheatsheet open and you'll do fine. Optionally, use OpenOffice to type everything up and then choose Export when you're ready to post. You can choose to save a txt file that will be MediaWiki formatted. Handy, no?